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Generate AI Image using WP AI Content Writer

Dall-e image model by OpenAI can be used to generate AI images that are unique, realistic as well as detailed. With its deep learning algorithms, the images created using Dall-e are so realistic that it is difficult to differentiate whether it is created by a human or AI.

If you are writing an article using AI and would like to add an image that is relevant to the topic then this can be done using WP AI Content Writer. Below are steps to automatically append the image to the article.

  • The first step is to make sure you have added your openAI key.
  • Now go to Posts and click on Add New.
  • Click on the WP AI Content Writer icon. This will open a popup where you can specify your topic, language, and number of headings.
  • Now in the next step, you can select the headings for which you want to generate content or add your own headings.
  • Click on next and here you will get the option to include an image in the generated article. After you enable this option then you will get the option to set the image size. Dall-e can generate images in 3 sizes.
  • You can also specify a prompt for generating image. By default, the plugin will use your article title for generating the image.
  • The same prompt will also be used as the alt text for the image.
  • Now click on Generate Article. Once the article generation is complete then you will see the AI image at the top of the article which you can move anywhere using the Gutenberg editor.